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Custom Chocolate Assortment (Box of 12)

Fill up a box with your favorite truffles, bon-bons, cordials and caramels. You may customize your selection of 12 pieces with any of our chocolates listed below.
Base price 20,49 €
Base price for variant 20,49 €
Variant price modifier:
Sales price 25,00 €
Sales price without tax 20,49 €
Tax amount 4,51 €
Price / kg:
Select 12 Chocolates Tooltip

Black Pepper Ganache
Chipotle Ganache
Coffee Bean Ganache
Fresh Mint Ganache
Orange Ganache
Raspberry Ganache
Bing Cherry Ganache
Blood Orange
Blueberry Bon-Bon
Cayenne Caramel
Double Vanilla Cream
Lemon Buttercup
Margarita Cup
Raspberry Cordial (+0,50 €)
Strawberry Cordial (+0,50 €)
Vanilla Ganache (+0,50 €)
Wild Balsamic Cherry (+0,50 €)

This is example of Easycheckbox with Quantities. You can see that you must select 12 chocolates to fill chocolate box. You cannot choose less or more then twelwe chocolates!

For other features of Easycheckbox with quantities, please check also this example!

Plug-in settings:

Custom Field title: "Select 12 Chocolates"
Show Title: "Yes"
Published: "Yes"
Cart Attribute: "Yes"

Custom Checkbox Title: "Selected chocolates:"
Checkbox Selection Separeted by Comma: "Black Pepper Ganache#IMG{images/choco/Choco1.jpg}#HINT{A dark chocolate ganache infused with a hint of earthy black pepper, surrounded by dark chocolate and elegantly decorated.},Chipotle Ganache#IMG{images/choco/Choco2.jpg}#HINT{The smokey-hot sweetness of Chipotle pepper melded with a rich dark chocolate ganache.},Coffee Bean Ganache#IMG{images/choco/Choco3.jpg}#HINT{These hand-picked, fresh roasted coffee beans pack a wallop. Combine their flavor with our dark creamy ganache and you have a purely decadent delight. Even a sip of the best Italian Espresso can't compare.}..............."
Increase Sales price: Checked
Show prices in cart page: Checked
Max total quantity to select: "12"
Min total quantity to select: "12"


Also, additional CSS is used for this example:

.easycheckbox-image {
height: 40px !important;
margin-left: -25px !important;


This example doesn't use all the functions of Easycheckbox with Quantities, but you can use them all together. There are no limitations.


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