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Radio Button Layout

Example which shows radio layout - It's included into catproduct package!
With shipment Standard for 0,00 €
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Product Image Product SKU Product Name Description Price with VAT Select product Price with VAT
Radio Button Layout
slika11A1001 Product 1 Short Description 1
12,20 €
0,00 €
slika21A1002 Product 2 Short Description 2
12,20 €
0,00 €
slika36A1003 Product 3 Short Description 3
13,42 €
0,00 €
slika43A1004 Product 4 Short Description 4
13,42 €
0,00 €
0,00 €
Total price with VAT :
0,00 €

Catproduct config:
Choose sorting [Product ID]
Choose layout [radio.php]
Show product image [checked]
Show product sku [checked]
Show product name [checked]
Show product short description [checked]
Show product sales price [checked]
Show product sum sales price [checked]
Show product total sales price [checked]
Show product total tax amount [checked]


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